marți, 21 decembrie 2010 - Dirty Talk :]]

[ We have never seen Tokio Hotel this way.
At their three-day-journey to Tokyo the boys show themselves from a completely different side again.
At their arrival still having a surprisingly similar style [to his brother Tom]
Bill showed his new look later.
With a new hairstyle.close cropped sides and teased top layer of hair.
And not only that also the tone among the brothers is different.
Both swear as much as they can when signing autographs ]

">Bill : Psshh

Tom : Stop bubbling,or i`ll give you a slug ! [ xD ]

Bill : I haven`t signed there anywhere, you`ve changed the cards…Are you daft or what ?

Tom : You`ve got a screw loose , boy…

Bill : You have just put theme down here for me !

Tom : I have not, they weren`t for you !

Tom : Just look at this !

Bill : Tom, I have not done this ! Tell me , am I crazy ?....You have put there for me !

Tom : Here,yes,and why haven`t you signed it ,when I had put it there for you ? You are missing here !

Bill : Oh , me ?

Tom : Now…?

[ And when they`re just in full flow now , they also reveal some old stories…]

Bill & Tom : That was in 2005 ! Or even 2006…

Georg : Well,definitely 2006…

Tom : And back thene , the dear Georg was in love with Kelli Clarkson ! …Just admit it ! I also admit that I once found Angelina Jolie pretty . ( :] )

Georg (to Bill) : I wonder why you even butt in , boy you want to f*ck Britney Spears !

Bill : So ? Better than Gulcan , Georg !

Tom : Gulcan….Nah , Collien ! ….

Tom : Or when we peed into Georg`s bottle and he drank out of it afterwards…Oh doesn`t even know yet ?

Bill : Oopss…

[ But afterwards the boys can control themselves again. At lunch they make peace ]

Bill : Cheers to Tokio Hotel in the Tokyo Hotel !

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