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InRock - Exclusive interview with Bill Part 1.

"I hope that we can stage the following things in my heart we can actually stimulate"

Tokio Hotel,the fans created considerable excitement. Tokio Hotel accept interviewed,photographed in Hamburg,where they were busy with preparations for the south American tour.Their last interview and photos are for everybody out there right now. In fact,we had a conversation with Bill and Tom.

Hi Bill, I am glad that I speak to you. I`m totally excited because I`m talking to you first.Can you hear me ?

Bill : Yeah.
OK,what your plans for today ?
Bill : In the morning I woke up very early.Tight now I`m a little sleepy.Actuallu I did not sleep much nothing I can do well,but I am a kind man , but never mind ! In our testing laboratory in Hamburg try our South American tour.
Wow !
Bill : Yeah, all the band members are doing the test.
Well,you tell some details about the tour in South America ? Theme preparing... Bill : It`s been almost a year since we started to tour . For the new album ''Humanoid'' , from April we began to travel arounf Europe . We werw in a lot of countries.We have also performed at the MTV Asia,we had good performances in Singapore and Malaysia.With a new album,we lookforward to it. All training is held in Europe , so the scenery is exactly the same as for Europe . Theme tours are still welcome to Humanoid City.It`s the first time we meet with our fans in South America , which will be so great. And everyone in our band has a solo performance of his homeland . It`s really amazing and we are very nervous.
Unfortunately I have not seen your shoe. What do you think about your own show ? It os a conceptual or dramatic ? Or is it a rock show ?
Bill : As I told our tour theme is ''Welcome to Humanoid City.In a word,we got inspiration from the album ''Humanoid'' , to show we are also prepared several sets of clothes . 5 times I change my clothes.The concept of creating our own city,we did ''Humanoid City'' as a theme.Ti was totally cool. This time we explored the creative adventure and experienced many new things.All members of the band playing keyboards or piano or various kinds of instruments.So it was a new experience for everyone.It will be a new and exciting show,though it was based on the album''Humanoid''.
All your shows have to spend a lot of money.

Bill : Yes,the more success we are spending more.We hope to give all fans a real show.Music is connected to everything .So we wanted to have the perfect costume,the perfect venue.Everything must mach exactly.
So i`m a perfectionist in all things.Let that all fans enjoyed the show,it was a lot of effort.We werw hoping that everything will be perfect.

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